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HT Hoodie-W

659 kr
527 kr

High-quality fitted hoodie with embroidered logo on the back could never be wrong. 

Composition: 100% cotton

Siize guide

CHEST 44 cm46 cm48 cm50 cm52 cm54 cm
BOTTOM ABOVE THE RIB 40 cm42 cm44 cm46 cm48 cm50 cm
BOTTOM RIB 38 cm40 cm42 cm44 cm46 cm48 cm
TOTAL LENGTH 59 cm61 cm63 cm65 cm67 cm69 cm
SLEEVE LENGTH 60 cm62 cm64 cm66 cm68 cm70 cm
BICEPE WIDTH 15 cm16 cm17 cm18 cm19 cm20 cm
ARMHOLE 19 cm20 cm21 cm22 cm23 cm24 cm
OPENING CUFF  ABOVE THE RIB 10,5 cm11 cm11,5 cm12 cm12,5 cm13 cm
OPENING CUFF RIB9 cm9 cm9,5 cm9,5 cm10 cm10 cm
SHOULDERS9,5 cm10 cm10,5 cm11 cm11,5 cm12 cm
BETWEEN ARMHOLE FRONT 38 cm39 cm40 cm41 cm42 cm43 cm
HOOD LENGTH 38 cm38 cm38 cm38 cm38 cm38 cm
HEIGHT RIB CUFF 5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm
HEIGHT RIB BOTTOM 5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm5,5 cm
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